Take 5 – January 22, 2011

by Dana Lookadoo on January 22, 2011

1, 2, 3… Blast off! Week three of January 2011 has ended. Does search or the amount of content about online marketing ever slow down? No! The year is off to a rocket-fast start.

2011 Week 3 Search Nuggets

Search nuggets for this past week include 3 interviews about search and social media, coverage about use of social media for disaster response and ways to present search data and make it pretty and useful:

Local Search – Interview

SearchFest 2011 Interview:  Mike Blumenthal
Todd Mintz interviewed Mike Blumenthal in advance of his speaking about “Universal Search Marketing Strategies and Tactics” at SearchFest 2011. Mike shared about his entry into the local search and the latest “bombshells” and changes for local SEO.

If you have a business that needs to show up in local search, read this post to get Mike’s answer to:

Should a local business with limited resources just focus on “local search” with a side of “social media”? Or, are there other avenues they should investigate?

Social Media – 911

FEMA: Social Media Doing a Heckuva Job
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and their use of social media to collect and disseminate information during disaster response is covered in this MediaPost article.

Read about results of a survey in August 2010 that shows that social media was the most popular source of information during an emergency, after 911. (Heck, most of the people I know would probably tweet their need before even calling 911.

Dear FEMA, maybe you should secure and staff @911 on Twitter.

Analytics – Charts

Sorry, but your charts are ugly
Ian Lurie presents a few easy tips for improving your search reports and why fancy drop shadows can cloud understanding of data. He didn’t say to KISS your reports, but he does show how and why keeping it simple enhances understanding of analytics.

You may end up heading over to Amazon to learn more ways to improve chart data.

Universal Search – Interview

How To Trigger Universal Elements in the SERPs with Rand Fishkin on #seochat
The guys behind Search Marketing Weekly hosted a chat on Twitter featuring Rand Fishkin. I missed the fun, and maybe you did, too. Read the #seochat transcripts for the search community’s questions and Rand’s answers.

Search Geek Speak – Interview

Search Geeks Speak – Danny Sullivan
David Harry started a show on SEO Dojo Radio, “Search Geek Speak,” which kicks off with an interview of Danny Sullivan, one of the most well-known voices and writers of the search marketing community.

Danny chats with Dave and Terry Van Horne tells about the origins and changes of Sphinn, the shift in engagement from social media forums and blogs to Twitter & Facebook and much more.

Get 65 minutes of juicy search nutrition with this show!

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