Take 5 – January 15, 2011

by Dana Lookadoo on January 15, 2011

New Year. Second week. New series. A day late.

This is the 2nd recap of our new series, Take 5 – Weekly Search Nuggets, serving up a five digestible morsels from the world of search.

Search Nuggets for the 2nd Week of 2011

It was hard to choose only 5 search nuggets during week 2 of this new year, so here are the ones that made it to my plate:


Google Makes all URLs in AdWords Lower-Case
Google DECIDED they do not want to allow companies to capitalize the first letter of each word in a domain, in essence.

“All uppercase letters in your display URL domain will automatically be changed to lowercase when your ad is served.”

You’ll rarely hear me swear, but as an advertiser concerned about branding, WTF? Here’s what gets me the most… They “encourage you to test variations of your own website.” Well, how are you going to test ad display if they are automatically making the URL lower-case? I agree with Netmeg on the WebmasterWorld forums post about the new AdWords URL display policy. Advertisers just lost control.

SEO for Social Media

The Social Media Marketer’s SEO Checklist
Jen Lopez provides an SEO checklist for Social Media Managers and Community Managers to help those unfamiliar with the merging of SEO and social media. She shows the importance of utilizing both disciplines to get a page to rank highly in the search engines. Checklist tasks:

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Set Up Social Segments for Tracking
  • Remember, URL Shorteners Matter
  • Make Sure Content is Easily Linkable
  • Canonicalize The Page
  • Check Page Load Time
  • Title Tag – Use Those Keywords!
  • Meta Description
  • Measure & Improve

Kudos, Jen, for attaining a #2 ranking on Delicious for this post your excellent post this week! Bookmarked!


Regular Expressions – Don’t Use Google Analytics Without Them
Annie Cushing knocked a home run with this tutorial about using RegEx (Regular Expressions) in Google Analytics. For those new to the term, RegEx symbols help you extract a variety of reports from Google Analytics. Annie teaches how to use the following codes, plus many more:

  • Pipe symbol (|) means “or”;
  • Dot (.) is a wildcard that matches any one character;
  • Asterisk (*) is like a wildcard but match zero or more of previous items;
  • Caret (^) means “starts with”;
  • Backslash (\) treats the following character as non-RegEx.

Webmaster Tools (More Analytics)

Top Seven Reasons Search Marketers Should Use Google Webmaster Tools
Janet Driscoll Miller listed 7 reasons why search marketers should be using Google Webmaster Tools, including how to tell Google about your sitelink preferences. She delves into some powerful stuff – data that can show the impact of your SEO efforts and help guide your strategy:

  1. Keywords
  2. Search Queries
  3. Click-Through Rate
  4. Inbound Links
  5. Sitelinks
  6. HTML Suggestions
  7. Fetch as Googlebot

Link Building

Effective Link Building Strategies Webinar
Vertical Measures‘ January 2011 Link Building Webinar is a compact overview about identifying and gaining links to your site. Learn how to evaluate your competition, what they are doing to rank in the same vertical, and ways to gain insight using Open Site Explorer.

The webinar is well worth spending 30 minutes sift through potential backlinks, send requests and to realize that response rate to your inquiries (emails) may and will be especially low. Make your request stand out from the rest. TIP:

“If you don’t have something valuable to offer the webmaster. Nobody links just to be nice. You need to be offering value.”

* * * * *

Shout out a Yo! you find something worth a mention… and a link!

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