Take 5 – January 7, 2011

by Dana Lookadoo on January 7, 2011

New Year. First week. New series.

Take 5 is a new weekly recap of five take-aways related to the world of search and online marketing. Why 5?

  • People have 5 fingers on each hand. That’s where one writes little notes when paper, napkins or parchment are unavailable.
  • More than 5 things can overload one’s brain. Most of us can digest 5 key points without feeling overly stuffed with too much information.
  • There are 5 groups of food in the food pyramid, and servings are normally the size of a hand – small yet hopefully full of nutrients.

So Take 5 will aim to serve up a few small tasty search nuggets. The Take 5 menu will vary to include favorite blog posts, tweets, industry news, tools and maybe a few locally-grown SERPs.

Search Nuggets for the 1st Week of 2011

The first nugget below motivated me to continue the Take 5 series, which I began while operating under “Pixel Position.” So this recap kicks off with a recap:

Best Search / Marketing Posts of December 2010
by Matt McGee
Matt listed some posts related to analytics, SEO, PPC, blogging, social media and usability. I had missed these well-written blogs by some experienced search marketers.

SEO Dojo Radio: A New Year Marathon
by host David Harry and co-hosts Terry Van HorneSteve GerenscerJustin Parks
The SEO Dojo show hosts prognosticate where they think search is going in 2011. It’s not PG-rated, and the guys make it clear that SEO is not dead!

SEM DIY – Do You Have What It Takes?
by Nick Stamoulis
Nick covers what anyone planning to do search engine marketing (SEM) on their own needs to understand about on-site optimization, link building and social media. If you want your company to be visible, you need to engage in these activities regularly, some daily.

How to Leverage Year Over Year Data Successfully
by Joanna Lord
Got data? You need a lot of it, and Joanna shows how important it is to review your website’s performance year over year to review performance and trends and traffic goals. As an awesomeness bonus, she shows how to isolate long-tail keywords that may be performing well, words you may have missed in your marketing campaigns.

Last and probably least…

“Learning” On The Job – SEO Ninja Training
by Dana Lookadoo <self promo here>
SEO is like Karate. It’s a martial art. Serious SEO ninjas never stop training. If you’ve ever been accused of “learning” on the job because you were staying on top of the latest developments in search, you’ll surely relate.

Aside: Thank you, Alan Bleiweiss, for inviting me to join Search Marketing Wisdom as a contributor. It’s going to be a fun, wild ride!

* * * * *

That’s a wrap for the first Take 5 in 2011. As an added tip, remember to eat 5 fruits and vegetables each day.

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