Take 10 – Top Reads as of February 19, 2011

by Dana Lookadoo on February 19, 2011

Yo! If you’re into SEO, it’s assumed you are busy. How do you keep up with the top reads for each week? This SEO practitioner has been almost head-down lately into keywords, information architecture, 301 redirects, redesign planning, and corporate marketing strategy. Our weekly Take 5 recaps busted, and it’s been 3 weeks without – more like a Take Zero. Admittedly, we’ll never be a Barry Schwartz or David Harry – two guys who are diligent about studying and writing about the latest happenings at Google and in the world of search marketing.

To make up for it, how about a Take 10?

Below are 10 items worthy of  reading and sharing with you from the world of search for late January and early February 2011:

1. Google’s ‘Bing Sting” – Did Bing get caught cheating?

Was/is Bing copying Google results? Read the story & watch a video as Google’s “Bing Sting” Unfolds and the tale of how an intentional misspelling “Hiybbprqag” showed up in Bing results. You decide.

2. Google Social Search

Google’s integration of social media into the SERPs now shows a new line of information in some snippets. If the result was shared via Twitter, for example, from someone in your social network, you’ll see their name, a small icon of their avatar (only visible to you when you’re signed in). Here’s an example I saw when searching for “Hiybbprqag“:

Google Social shows who tweeted in "hiybbprqag" SERPs

Google Social shows who tweeted - "hiybbprqag" SERPs

Google says their social search is about relevance:

“Relevance isn’t just about pages—it’s also about relationships”

3. More Google stuff … JC Penney Gets Hit for Paid Links

But it took the NY Times to identify the problem before Google. This has made national news. I like Alan BleiweissJCPenney Has a Bigger Problem Than Paid Links, because he approaches it from the mind of an SEO Audit. Read and gather a few insights about SEO best practices.

4. More Coverage about JC Penney

This post The Data and Details Behind “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search” shows more about JC Penney’s poor organic SEO practices, including anchor link keyword stuffing and some questions to ponder about FTC intervention.

5. NEW Launch: Pro Version of Local Citation Finder

From free to Pro, Whitespark Launched the Pro Version of Local Citation Finder. If you’re really determined to dominate local search, you want to use the tool by Whitespark and Ontolo Link Building Services. Enter a local key phrase, and their tool will find citation sources for you, for free. But the Pro version sort citations by Majestic SEO AC Rank, and SEOmoz Domain Authority.

6. NEW Launch: Qwiki – Search Video Wiki

Qwiki – The Information Experience – A new search engine that launched beta late January as a video wiki. It’s a rich media platform . The site offers 3 million reference topics: people, places and things. Laurie Sullivan’s article on MediaPost goes into more detail and explains how later this year Qwiki will connect Facebook, LinkedIn to personal info.

7. 1-Hour Formula to Write 2-3 Blog Posts

Yes, that’s exactly what Wil Reynolds cooked up for us in his post, “How to Produce 2-3 Quality Blog Posts in 1 Hour/Month.” This tasty how-to recipe is worth its weight in gold for agencies and SEO consultants who  need to pull content, not teeth, out of their clients! You’ll think differently about content production. And who would have thought to use Google Voice to help write content?

8. Content Marketing Strategy – Why Business Needs one

Lee Odden lays out the importance of content marketing strategy in “Why Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy” while presenting data about ways US companies use content in social media strategies and SEO.

Content is a crucial part of a social media strategy and therefore an understanding of customer-centric social content is essential.

9. Online Marketing Guide for Noobs – a huge WOW!

Saved the best almost for last. Oli Gartner put together a COMPREHENSIVE Noob Guide to Online Marketing with infographics. I really is “Everything a Non-Marketer Needs to Take a Business from Zero to Hero Online!” Personally scheduling time to study top to bottom, inside and out.

10. Top 70 Blogs

To round out our top 10, how about the Best Top 70 SEO Blogs. Some of my favorite friends and heroes of SEO are mentioned. SpyFu analyzed and listed these worthy blogs based off traffic and data!

* * * * *

Visit these chosen top 10 from the past few weeks. Read. Savor!

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