Yo! @MCHammer – Break Down These SEO Tips to Launch @WireDoo Search Engine

by Dana Lookadoo on November 1, 2011

Yo! WireDoo and MC Hammer! Here are some tips to get found in organic and social search.

Below is a mini site review/SEO audit with tips for maximizing search marketing as the cornerstone of your brand and launch of your relationship-driven search engine –  WireDoo.com later this year. You’ll build relationships with your prospective users, generate buzz, and optimize your site for search engine visibility. To break it down, you need to…

  • Put on your entertainer’s hat and get the audience excited about WireDoo’s upcoming release!
  • Optimize the heck out of your online presence.
  • Build a strong memorable brand that people want to share, link to, ANDto talk about!

It’s Hammer time!  

You cannot turn back the clock of your initial footprint. Your WireDoo Announcement at Web 2.0 Summit on October 19, 2011 got good press. But visits to your website and Twitter profile left one feeling deflated and confused. It’s been 2 weeks since your big announcement, and there just isn’t much going on with your online presence.

Topsy shows only 128 tweets mentioning your Wiredoo.com (your one-page website):

Topsy posts showing tweets about Wiredoo.com

128 tweets about Wiredoo.com on Twitter in 2 weeks

Notice the hashtags associated with those tweets. Why #fail?

Consider the following SEO and branding tips to turn this into a success…

Launch with a Bang

My Mom always said,

“There’s no second chance to make a good first impression.”

I, like many, visited your website and Twitter profile and found NOTHING exciting to read, look at, share, connect with, or even understand. They are essentially null and void.

WireDoo.com Website

Wiredoo.com Website

Wiredoo.com Website - Nearly null and void

  • The logo is 1990ish in design and nothing worth gracing the cover of a gold album or a cutting-edge search engine. I wasn’t sure how to word it yet found the following sentiment by someone I don’t know:
Tweet about quality of WireDoo Logo

Tweet about quality of WireDoo Logo

  • The words “search engine” are not found anywhere on the site. Actually, there is NO explanation about who you are or what you will be.
  • There are no links to learn more, no graphics and links to your social media presence, pretty much nothing other than a generic sign-up without mention of a privacy policy.

@WireDoo on Twitter

When I first visited @WireDoo on October 20, there were no tweets and 3 followers. A few days later there were 10. Four days later you had 19 followers, 5 of them search marketers. As of this writing, you lost one of the search marketers and have 18 followers.

@WireDoo on Twitter

@WireDoo on Twitter

NOTE: Search marketers (top-notch SEOs) keeping an eye on you via Twitter are @AlanBleiweiss, @StevePlunkett, and myself (@lookadoo & @YoYoSEO). Feel free to reach out to us for advice and testing. We want to see your deep search engine succeed!

[ ] TASK:  Tweet. Share. Give us more!

Optimize WireDoo.com

Optimize your website’s titles, tags, text and links. Below are some high-level SEO audit points:

Display Your Home Page

The home page, wiredoo.com, has a meta refresh to redirect users to your sign-up page – wiredoo.com/global/signup.html.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://wiredoo.com/global/signup.html">

Why? You WANT your home page (/) to display!

Google treats a Meta-refresh of 0 as a 301 Permanent Redirect, which means the authority and strength of the home page are being diluted and passed onto your Sign Up page. Plus, Google discourages use of the meta-refresh redirects, because they cause confusion for website visitors and for search engine crawlers.

You have people linking to http://wiredoo.com/global/signup.html, when you want the majority of your links going to http://wiredoo.com/, the home page.

It may sound all technical, but ask yourself.

Which page do I want to have the authority and to show up in the search engines?

[ ] TASK: Get rid of the meta refresh, and put up a real home page ASAP.

Remove Duplicate Content

Two versions of your Sign Up page display. One with www and one without:



You want only one version to display in the browser. This is duplicate content to the search engines. Plus, you DO NOT want people linking to both www and non-www versions.

[ ] TASK: Decide if you are going to display www.wiredoo.com or wiredoo.com – without the www. Once that decision is made, redirect the other version to the root (canonical) version.

Look at what the competition doing to help you decide. Both Google and Bing are redirecting all versions of their home page to their www version:

  • http://www.google.com/
  • http://www.bing.com/

NOTE: You’re website is on a Linux server running Apache, which makes it super easy to implement 301 redirects.

[ ] TASK: Have your IT people fix the duplicate content issue. If you want to display as http://www.wiredoo.com/, here’s your task:

  1. Turn on Apache Rewrite Module.
  2. Create a blank text file, and name it “.htaccess“.
  3. Once done, load it to the root of your server.
  4. Create the following code:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^wiredoo.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.wiredoo.com/$1 [L,R=301]

Load the .htaccess files to the root of your server.

[ ] TASK: Get rid of your Apache Tomcat page, http://wiredoo.com/index.jsp.

WireDoo Tomcat Page - index.jsp

WireDoo Tomcat Page - index.jsp

Add the following lines to the redirect above to redirect this page to your home page (/):

RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^.*/index.jsp
RewriteRule ^(.*)index.php$ http://www.wiredoo.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Optimize Your Title Tags

Optimize what many SEOs believe is THE most important tag (element) on your website – your title tag. Title tag text displays in the user’s browser window, is saved as their bookmark text, and it’s the display in the SERPs. It’s the first thing people see:

WireDoo SERP display

WireDoo SERP display

The title tag on your Sign-up page leaves one wondering what a “wiredoo” is:

<title>Wiredoo: Are you one?</title>

TIP: Keep the title tag under 60 characters to optimize for both Google and Bing. Put your most important (and memorable) keyword phrases at the beginning. Think of it like the name of a song that captures attention.

[ ] TASK: Write quality title tags for your home and sign-up pages and for new pages as they are launched.

Create Meta Descriptions

Most search engines use meta descriptions as part of your site summary in the SERPs (shown above). Facebook uses this when someone shares page. A good description can make or break click through rate, meaning if searchers decide to click on your listing.

[ ] TASK: Create compelling meta descriptions for each page, like a miniature ads. Convey benefit, and include a call to action when applicable.

TIP: You’ll want to remove the refresh/redirect from the home page first before you can work on the home page title tag.

Create a Content Strategy

Not only will content keep us interested, but you’ll be building relevance for search engine optimization (SEO) and capturing places in Google & Bing.

[ ] TASK: Put together a content strategy that tells us about your features, how you plan to add value to search results, what we can expect in those results, and why our lives will be enhanced.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Give us something to devour, connect with, retweet, and share!

Create an Avatar

Brand out that Twitter profile! Get rid of the default egg!!

Wiredoo Avatar - default "egg"

Wiredoo Avatar - default "egg"

[ ] TASK:  Put your logo into a square image (300×300 pixels). Twitter will scale it down as needed.

Write a Bio

Your social media profiles need a bio about who you are – Wiredoo, the deep relational search engine.

Twitter bios show up in search results. As a brand and for online reputation management, you want your social profile to show up for a search for “wiredoo.” You need to get started with your Twitter profile ASAP.

[ ] TASK: Create a bio that is 160 characters in length.

  • Use words (keywords) for which you want to be found and show up in search results.
  • Put most important phrases at the front of your Twitter bio.

Design a Twitter Background

Here’s your chance to look like an album cover and some life to your Twitter party!

[ ] TASK:  Create a background image that measures 1635 x 1288 pixels. Add some photos or information about WireDoo, etc. Read this post, 4 Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Background, for more tips on rocking out your Twitter profile.


No elaboration needed.

Start tweeting!

[ ] TASK:  Get some tweets flowing! Share the hype. Share articles. Retweet what people say about you. Tease us with upcoming release information and features.

HAT TIP: Nice to see that you tweeted a link to How Brands Should Do SEO on State of Search. Pay attention to some of those tips, especially this insight:

You may be competing with Google and Bing, but you also want your website and your social profiles to show up in search results. It’s time to ramp up your social media and SEO efforts to create a cohesive brand. And you should ASAP.

Secure Your Brand Name in Social Media

WireDoo is easily mispronounced and spelled as “wireddoo.” Your brand is already “diluted” and knocked-off. Someone bought WiredDoo.com on October 19 to put up a parody site.

wireddoo.com - Knock-off Parody Site

wireddoo.com - Knock-off Parody Site

Someone also secured the Twitter profile, @WiredDoo.

  • The knock-off website at least mentions “search,” even though it only goes to one of MC Hammer’s videos.
  • The knock-off Twitter profile has 119 followers.
  • The parody website even got a link from the WashingtonPost article – MC Hammer’s great idea — WireDoo, the new Google. OUCH!

[ ] TASK:  STOP the parodies and knock-offs! Read below.

Use KnowEm to Secure Your User Name

KnowEm UserName Check* is THE way to ensure your brand is secure and prevent social cyber squatting.
*Shameless affiliate link, because I used them and have seen them help save reputations!

You have not secured “wiredoo” across the key social networks. Below is a screen shot showing a search for your user name:

Knowem UserName Check for "WireDoo"

Knowem UserName Check for "WireDoo"

[ ] TASK:  Go to KnowEm to check availability of your user name or vanity URL on 120 popular Social Media websites.


[ ] TASK: Go to each social media website to see if your user name is available.

TIP: They offer a subscription service that will automatically secure your name as new social networks pop up.

[ ] TASK:  Secure common misspellings as well.

“Case” your Brand

Be consistent in your brand name across properties with use of title case. This means, always use the same combination of capital letters and non-capital letters. Make sure every use of your name represents the brand. You currently use 3 versions of your name:

  • Your logo – WIREDoo (sounds like “wired oo””)
  • Your website title tag – Wiredoo (sounds like “why re do”)
  • Your Twitter profile – WireDoo (sounds like “wire do”)

Drip Your Marketing

We signed up and heard nothing from you!

Engage those who sign up for WireDoo’s search engine beta by sending us a thank you email, additional emails giving us the inside scoop, keeping us interested, and more. Engage us in dialogue.

Learn more from Marketo. Their drip marketing blog post states:

Using drip marketing is a valuable way of keeping your prospects engaged and creating credibility as a resource.  By sending regular targeted email messages, you keep your company at the top of your buyer’s mind.

Shout out a Yo!

Yo! Go ahead and shout it out!

Put target keyword phrases into your content, conversations, and your digital assets. We call it Word-of-Mouth SEO.

Know that search marketers and SEOs want to join in your conversation. Open the doors. We’ll be there.

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