Google+ Profiles for Businesses in the SERPs

by Dana Lookadoo on July 5, 2011

Google Plus is one more opportunity for businesses to “capture” a search result. Yes, Google+ profiles are showing in the SERPs, even though Google has not officially released Plus “Places” pages for businesses. Check out the the search results for “rustybrick google+” (as of July 3, 2011) below:

RustyBrick's Google+ Profile in the SERPs

RustyBrick's Google+ Profile in the SERPs

Google+ Business Profiles

Search Engine Land was also one of the first to get their “business” profile on Google+ without waiting for the official business “Pages” to launch. View a screenshot of their profile page in the “Google+ “Pages” Coming For Businesses” post in which they covered the topic (and need) for enabling businesses to more easily setup their profile.

Sure enough, the Search Engine Land Google+ profile is helping them blanket the search results (as of July 3, 2011):

Search Engine Land's Google+ Profile in the SERPs

Search Engine Land's Google+ Profile in the SERPs

Google SERP Snippet

Let’s break down the snippet of how Google Plus results display. Below are listings for RustyBrick and Search Engine Land as shown in the SERPs:

Google Plus SERP Snippet

Google Plus SERP Snippet for RustyBrick & Search Engine Land

  1. The title is pulled from your Google Plus profile name.
    “Profile Name – Google+”
  2. The page name (URL) is the Google Plus ID.
    “ profile ID”
  3. The date appears to be the date your Google Plus profile was created, and the description is from the Introduction field where you provide some information about who you are.


Put on your SEO hat, and optimize accordingly.

Google Plus ID

The URL for each Google Plus ID is one big ugly number. Look at RustyBrick’s Google+ profile below:

URL for RustyBrick's Google+ Profile

URL for RustyBrick's Google+ Profile

I’m adding the ability to customize the URL to my Google Plus wish list. (Heck, Facebook allows businesses to customize their fan page after 100 <correction on 7/9/11> 25 fans.)

Dear Google, please allow profiles to customize their URLs after 100 people have added them to their Circles?

And if you grant this wish, please implement a 301 redirect.

TIP: Google Plus Short URL

You can (and should immediately) grab your company’s Google+ short url once you are on Google Plus.

Google Plus Short URL

Create a Google Plus Short URL

Obvious SEO Benefit

It goes without saying… the benefit of your company profile display in the SERPs is a key to online visibility! You simply need to be there (period).

Google was quoted in explaining the SEO benefit of the upcoming Google+ Places pages:

Once these pages/profiles arrive they will probably operate in a way that’s pretty similar to Facebook Pages, but with some Google SEO benefits. They will be indexed, “followable” and individual updates or posts can be +1′dmuch or all of which will be fed back into search results and rankings.

Yo! Did you catch that? “…fed back into the search results and rankings.

Make sure you check ” Help others find my profile in search results” under Search Visibility in your profile settings so you can be found:

Google+ Search Visibility

Enable Google+ Search Visibility

Google Plus offers businesses with yet another opportunity to be seen and to engage.

What if you are not in Google Plus?

Don’t wait for your invite.

Do you have other examples of other businesses on Google Plus already? Have any + tips? Please share.

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