301 Redirects Worksheet Template

Below is a 301 Redirects Worksheet template free for your use. It’s an Excel file you may use to help with tracking and management of your rewrites. Rewrites are also known as “301 redirects,” which is a signal to the search engines that a page has been permanently moved.

Using the Redirects Worksheet

The columns shown below are optional other than those shown in yellow. You MUST enter a “FROM URI” and a “TO URL” to provide information to your IT department.

Screenshot of Redirects Worksheet Template

Redirects Worksheet Template

  • From URIList the old page name, name of “from” page being redirected, the URL without the  http://yourdomain.com – starting from the slash.
  • To URLList the target page being directed to or name of new page, the full URL (with http…).

This is how your IT department will enter the redirects into the server (into the Apache .htaccess file, for example):

Redirect 301 /old-page-name.html http://www.yourdomain.com/new-page-name.html

Ideally, you want to track dates redirects when they are pushed live so you can track your site’s performance as well as possible 404s.

Additional fields are included to track internal link updates and external link reclamation efforts.

>> Download the Redirects Worksheet template.

Resources for Rewrites/Redirects

(Updated 9/7/13)

The Redirects Worksheet is provided as a resource by Yo! Yo! SEO via Creative Commons (CC), Attribution license.

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