Information Architecture and Content Worksheet

Solid information architecture (IA) is the foundation of a great website. It’s the content design process from the ground up. Couple a solid IA with in-depth understanding of your target audience, and you have an equation for search and social domination!

You need a framework for planning your online visibility, a process for mapping keywords, target audience, calls to action and goals, to each page. Yo! Yo! SEO developed a process for planning website information architecture, on-page optimization, content planning, and the publishing process. We’re giving that framework as a resource for you to use…for FREE!

(Updated 06/18/2013):

>> Download the Information Architecture & Content Planning Worksheet template.

IA Navigation & Content Worksheet Framework

Some of the key items included in the IA Content Worksheet include:

  • URLs & Directory Structure
  • Page Titles
  • Keywords
  • Content Assets
  • Links & Anchor Text
  • Social Sharing
The updated worksheet includes two tabs:
  • How-To & Tips – for understanding how to use the IA & Content Worksheet
  • IA & Content Worksheet – for information architecture planning and page-by-page content planning and optimization

Download the IA & Content Planning Worksheet template. It’s yours for no cost or obligation. If you like it, feel free to give us attribution. (Mentions and links appreciated.) If you have suggestions for improvement, give us that, too.

PubCon IA/SEO Presentation

The process was first presented when Dana Lookadoo spoke on the SEO Design & Organic Site Structure panel at PubCon Las Vegas 2011:

Process for Online Visibility: From Information Architecture to Killer Content

Presentation at PubCon Las Vegas in which Dana Lookadoo explained key aspects of planning online visibility and how to use the IA & Content Worksheet throughout the process.


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