FALSE ALARM – SMX Advanced Alpha Website Launch

by Dana Lookadoo on June 8, 2010

Pushed the “Publish” button …

All the “i”s are not dotted, and the “t”s are not crossed

It’s not ready for prime time. BUT … YoYoSEO.com is live!

<edited 8/28/10>


June 8, 2010 DID NOT mark the day of the unofficial, unannounced, no-press-release Alpha Launch!

It was supposed to be “Good bye” to the temporary placeholder page:

Launching Yo! Yo! SEO in June

Launching, ready or not! It's Alpha!

It’s now the end of August! Yo! What’s up with that???

Dana Lookadoo ended up live blogging at SMX Advanced for aimClear & Bruce Clay blogs.

Posts included:

<Dana set aside fussing with Thesis for a fast track of liveblogging and SMX networking … >

Business and keeping up in fast-paced world of SEO and search meant life then became incredibly busy. Oh, ya… AND the Tour de France consumed July, and she attempted 3 weeks of blogging on her personal site – July gone!

It also became apparent that clients and prospective clients didn’t care one darn bit if Yo! Yo! SEO had an active website. Our SEO consulting queue has been full …

How does that saying go?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Well spit that one out, because it’s the Yo! Yo! M.O. (modis operandi)!

A Website in a Week

Sooooooooo…. The attempt to launch a website in a week failed. So what! YoYoSEO.com has been in the planning stages for over a year. The rebranding process is time consuming and rewarding. Production of the site was put on the back burner and did not win a “Website in a Week Award.” Heck, it’s still not done as of this edit.

Rebranding from Pixel Position has been a lot more work than anticipated. EVERY THING has to change. Oh, and many of you know that if you change your domain name, EVERYTHING has to change. Do NOT do this at home! Guess what. SEOs don’t always practice what they preach. Many 301 redirects are in the works.

The initial goal was to launch the site prior to SMX Advanced in Seattle starting on June 8th. Well, discretionary time was limited, and the Thesis learning curve continues.

It’s now Saturday, August 28. The decision was made:

Launch and start writing content! Tweak the design, cross the “i”s and “t”s later.

Quality Assurance

Please help with this alpha website launch. YOU, the readers, are part of the Quality Assurance (QA) phase. Feel free to lend your spell-checking tips, cross-browsers compatibility insights and comments below.

Yo! Sometimes one needs to simply jump outside the obsessive compulsive box, remove the temporary home page, and push the “Publish” button.

After all, it is all about content, right?

It’s time to shout out a Yo!

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