SMX Photos: Conference, Networking & Epic Dinners

by Dana Lookadoo on March 22, 2011

SMX West brought search marketers from all over the world to San Jose, CA the week of March 7, 2011. If you’re in search, you must read some of the TREMENDOUS live blog coverage from SMX. It’s been over a week since the show as of this post. It’s too late for yet another recap. Instead, below are a few photos from this year’s Search Marketing Expo.

CAVEAT: I had committed to recapping a summary of SMX West highlights and to covering it via SEO Dojo Radio. Plans changed. Sadly, the Japan M9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit immediately after SMX, followed by a nuclear crisis which rocked the whole world. I work in the disaster and catastrophe space, so primary attention (thoughts and prayers) were immediately focused elsewhere. Visions and memories of days immersed in search, social, and SEO are much more uplifting, so it’s time to share the faces (and feet) of SMX.

Dana Lookadoo’s SMX Collection

SMX pictures I took are live on Flickr. View slideshows from the SMX West Conference, epic dinners and the shoes of SMXers:

Photos from SMX Conference

A few shots of the beautiful (and handsome) people of search at SMX West:

SMX Epic Dinners

I’m sure there were many other dinners, but I attended two memorable Epic Dinners, both at Morton’s Steakhouse, which is surely 5-Star:

Dinner at Morton’s is definitely “different” from one’s usual fare, and I only took a few photos. Heck, we were having so much fun!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Michelle Robbins and Elisabeth Osmeloski for hosting the ladies dinner. Thanks to EACH attendee for making the time so memorable.

EPIC THANKS to Alan Bleiweiss for coordinating a dinner that turned into a mini conference within the conference with over 40 SMXers. Heck, Alan put together prizes (guess who won the Lindt chocolates), and he attracted #EpicDinner sponsors. Thank you, George Revutsky and Adam Weinroth for your sponsorship in turning a night of post-conference dining into a grand event!

The Shoes!

Optimizing one’s feet is an important consideration for any conference, because you spend a lot of time walking and standing. Here are a few feet that made it to my Conference Shoe Collection:

OK, I confess… I have a shoe fetish!

Reuben Yau’s Candid Shots

Reuben Yau of Manta gets the award for the best shots of the panels and speakers! View Reuben’s 2011 SMX West photos on Flickr:

Inside information: I met Reuben through Flickr. I accidentally tagged a conference photo of someone from Google (also named Rueben) with Reuben’s name last year. He saw the alert, and we’ve been friends ever since!

Search Marketing Expo on Flickr

Kudos to SMX’s photographers. The quality of their photos of SMX West equals the quality and class of the conference itself!

Thank you, Search Marketing Expo for a grand show!

Final Memories of SMX

With search moving at break-neck speeds, what will we remember? Discussions at SMX West, focused around recent algorithm changes, especially Google’s Panda Update that rocked US content farms starting the end of February and Social Search – now live in both Bing & Google.

  • Will these be fleeting memories?

Jessica Lee of Bruce Clay, Inc. caught a shot of Matt Cutts’ Spam Police slide showing input Google has received about their Panda update:

Matt Cutts Spam Police Slide by Bruce Clay Inc on Flickr











Yes, we’re all hoping low-quality content farms are a thing of the past.

One closing thought…

  • Does anyone know the real social search challenge?

If you missed SMX and didn’t catch all the live blogging, networking and epic dinners, here’s the biggest takeaway you need to know:

Create quality content people want to share on Twitter and “like” on Facebook is what it takes to be successful at SEO!

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