Lookadoo is Speaking at SMX West 2012 on SEO CMS Migration

by Dana Lookadoo on January 25, 2012

Dana Lookadoo is Speaking at SMX West 2012Yes! Dana Lookadoo is speaking at SMX West to be held in San Jose from February 28 to March 1, 2012. OK, forget the formal third-person tense of addressing me, myself, and I. Forget the press release… I’m just plain EXCITED to have the opportunity to join a stellar lineup of 130 seasoned speakers seasoned at the conference! Our 5-person panel will focus on SEO and CMS migration. Speakers include myself plus:

And if that’s not enough, Christine Churchill of KeyRelevance will be moderating the session! Check out the session agenda for SEO Essentials For Migrating Websites to learn more about the team and the plethora of stuff that will be covered at the conference.
  • My portion of the session on SEO essentials and website migration will cover real-life lessons and tactical steps for planning, implementing, and dealing with possible fallout. I’ll present a big-picture overview of the key points and pitfalls with primary focus on the importance of SEO. The CMS doesn’t matter. Whether one is moving to Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, or SharePoint, the principles to be shared are the same.
  • Jessica will address team and communication issues with tips for getting everyone on board, setting the plan/schedule.
  • Rhea will give heady insights into link-related concerns, especially external link IDs, prioritization, and reclamation.
  • Ryan and Shari will share some case studies and real-life versions of how all this CMS migration stuff works.

Be there!

Why is  Search Marketing Expo a big deal?

If you’re in the industry, you know that Third Door Media and their team put on a fabulous show that’s rich with keynote speakers, sessions, and networking opportunities. SMX West, East, Advanced, etc. have been on my “must attend” conference list each year since they started.
If you’re reading this soon after it’s posted, you only have a couple days

That’s all I have to say about it for now. Hurry! SMX West Early-Bird rates expire Saturday, 1/28/2012. Register. Save. Be there!

Do make sure to join our session for tons of insights about what many dread – website migration. We’ll show you how to keep it SEO-friendly!


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