Competition Analysis For Ad Optimization

In some niches you are dealing with experienced advertisers, who know best practices as well as you. All ads look optimized and alike.

With some creativity and competition research, you can steal clicks from competitors by writing better ads.

When best practices make you average, you need to be creative to stand out. Otherwise, you will blend with everyone else, even if you are awesome.

Your competition’s ads can teach you a lot about your target audience. Learn from competition, gather intelligence about the searcher they are trying to target. If you are after the same guy, start plotting search query domination.

In order to dominate search query you need to write better ads than your competitors, tell a better story. Then, it will be more appealing to the searcher. What does the person you are targeting care about?

The process we are using to write adds is quite successful.

It starts with an Excel spreadsheet.

Competition Ad Analysis Process

Pull all your competition ads into one column and deconstruct them. For each ad, list all the features they think the searcher will find interesting. Then, list the benefits that are grabbing the searcher. Are they using emotional hook? Do they use urgency or seasonality. What is their overall message? How do they position themselves other advertisers in the niche? What are their advantages?

Now look for patterns. Note the common offers. You are entering a brainstorming phase of the analysis.

At this point, the competition is either right about the searcher or they are wrong. We will be testing both to find out for sure. Now, let’s assume that they are right.

If your competitors know the searcher well and offer them exactly what they want, you need to make the same offer but differently. Pay attention to how the competitors are using emotional pictures to hook the searcher. Then, do it better. Paint a better picture, try different emotional appeal, add more credibility.

Now, what if the competition is all wrong.

Then offer something completely different, do what the competitors are not doing. Introduce different benefits, work with emotion to make a better connection. In your ad copy, allay their fears, applaud their dreams, confirm their suspicions, spark their curiosity, criticize their enemies. Or do completely the opposite and shock them.

By now you have several ideas to work with. Put them in confines of the ads. It is time to write your shiny ad copy.

The formula to a successful ad is not that complicated. Your story is simple and unexpected. You claim is credible. It emotionally connects with people. All you need to do is to bring it to life.

Introduce all your ideas in your ads. Test performance, make notes in that spreadsheet you started.

We would be amiss, if we did not look at the landing page. After all, it will be the one converting our searchers into our biggest fans. Do a SWOT analysis on the landing pages, similar to what we did for ads. Is the page relevant to the search query? Does it clearly communicate the value promised in the ad? What is the call to action? Will it result in generating revenue?

Create an analysis of common strengths, weaknesses, and threats. Discover your opportunities and seize them.

Another important thing to notice is social networks. Do they use any on the landing pages? If they do, you will know where to go and snoop on your searcher some more.

Start with competition ad analysis. Decipher what their offer is and benefits. Then, paint a picture of the searcher. Why would they care about those benefits and what action they are supposed to take? Then, write your own ads based on the intelligence you gathered. Measure performance and adjust.

And that is how you borrow audience research from your competition and steal their clicks.

Be Successful

Writing ads is just one part of successful PPC campaigns. Don’t be afraid to be original, put some personality in your ads, do something unexpected. Know what your searcher cares about and offer them an experience – from your ad to your landing page and, hopefully, a “thank you” page. Get better by testing, measuring and acting. World is changing quickly and your searcher changes with it. Be faster than your competition and then they will be borrowing ideas from you.

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