Never Too Late to Say “Thank You”

by Dana Lookadoo on October 17, 2010

Yo! Thank You!

Take time to say "Thank You!" Shout out a Yo!

It sounds colloquial, but it’s true. It’s never too late to say “thank you” to show your appreciation for people who have helped you.

Many of us know the de facto 6-week rule for sending thank you notes after receiving gifts from a wedding or birthday party. Even if it’s after 6 weeks, you’d better make sure Great Aunt Melba thinks you appreciate her homemade quilted toaster cover. But, what are the rules for business?

  • When is it too late?
  • Is it ever too late?
  • How do you show your appreciation?

Business Etiquette

What is proper etiquette for showing appreciation for something someone has done for you, especially when such gifts are not tangible? Gifts may be insights, such as providing knowledge – simply helping the other person out. Gifts may be as simple as sharing:

  • WordPress tips and tricks;
  • How one runs their marketing agency;
  • Helping one setup a database or write code;
  • A listening ear with advice or even providing no advice, just being there.

One of the most appreciated business gifts may simply be a listening ear.

Saying “Thank You!”

Saying “thank you” can come in many forms. You may do one or more of the following:

  • Verbalize to them directly how much you appreciate their help;
  • Publicly thank them on Twitter;
  • Send a thank you card the old-fashioned way via US Postal.
  • Write a recommendation on LinkedIn.
  • Comment on their site to thank them in front of their readers.
  • Write a post thanking them and linking to them with their desired anchor text!

Special Thanks for Helping Yo! Yo! SEO

Yo! I’m shouting out a collective “Thank You” for valuable gifts received during the launch of Yo! Yo! SEO. Gifts received include gracious gestures of time and expertise, freely given with nothing expected in return. These search marketers helped get this business and website off the ground:

Thomas Fjordside

Thomas Fjordside

Thomas Fjordside, designer behind lent his WordPress savvy on Saturday afternoon of August 28 – at the 11th hour of desperation to launch this site. (Thesis issues had postponed the planned June launch, and August was almost over!) Thomas resolved a long-standing stumbling block.

WordPress Thesis theme was returning the site tagline as an <h1> tag on the blog page rather than a <p> tag. Then Thesis was returning the home page <h1> as an <h2>.

Whallah! Thomas fixed a couple core files, and the time-consuming nightmare was over! I was so grateful – I would have pimped out business cards at SEOmoz’s Training Conference the following week if I’d had them. Thomas is a skilled designer, coder and solution finder. I’m so glad he was willing and available in the SEO Dojo chat that Saturday afternoon!

Marty Martin

Marty Martin

Ever had a sounding board? Marty Martin, SEO and Search Marketer extraordinare, has been a sounding board for me multiple times, like a silent partner. He makes himself available for that needed phone call, email IM or DM insight. He helped me through some early WordPress Thesis issues and explained some basics that had stumped this rusty developer.

Marty speedily set up my custom short url service, It’s working like a very short charm! He turned around and hosted it as well, the only way to resolve the HostGator issues! Marty, you’re a valued friend!

His skills as an Internet Marketer are complimented by a background as a Magistrate. Go figure, from Criminal Justice to SEO.

Justin Parks

Justin Parks

I don’t know how to say “thank you” with a Northern Irish accent, but Justin Parks, Social Media Consultant,  rocked it for me a couple times to remind me not to sweat the small stuff. He provided some Q&A to help me fix an RSS error and provided valuable CSS insights.

David Harry & The SEO Dojo

David Harry, SEO Dojo

The SEO Dojo is crowdsourcing at its highest level. Thank you, David Harry for SEO training and the group collaboration you set up. You invited me to lead a couple SEO Dojo Chats on entrepreneurship and running a business, which forced me to consolidate those processes.

Worth noting, Thomas, Marty & Justin are fellow SEO Dojo members.  Hanging out with this band of merry warriors for over a year has opened doors to numerous opportunities and industry and SEO insights. In addition to skills learned, valuable relationships have developed.

Worthy Mentions for Appreciation

A few other people may not realize how much their influence has had on the success of Yo! Yo! SEO this year:

Brian LaFrance

Brian LaFrance, an SEO & Thesis wiz – Brian spent valuable time at BlueGlass LA attempting to resolve Thesis issues. He explained some fundamentals of the quirky theme and helped fix oversights.

Dr. Pete Meyers

Dr. Pete Myers, a usability professional – Pete shared his time to discuss business formation issues, considerations, tax law and client management. The time helped finalize some pivotal decisions.

Casey Yandle

Casey Yandle, Internet Marketer – Casey shared time on the phone early in the website development and planning process to help me creatively think about ways to proceed. He explained many of the possibilities with Thesis and set the balls rolling.

Maria Pergolino

Maria Pergolino, aka InBound Marketer – Maria referred one of her closest friend’s to me for SEO consulting. Yo! Yo! SEO was not an official entity yet. That relationship is now a solid (and favored) corporate client.

Yo! Appreciate each of you!

Business Relationships

The bottom line is that it’s never too late to show how much someone’s help may have had resounding effects.

  • Write them a note. Handwritten notes are becoming an endangered species. Take the time to put pen to paper.
  • Take it a step further and give them something that can help their online presence. Take the time to link to their websites. Links are the thank you gift that keeps on giving. Help them with their link mojo!

Business relationships are the key to success! Nurture them.
Take the time to say “thank you!”

How do you show your appreciation for help and insights?

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