Dana Lookadoo – SEO Consultant, Trainer

Dana Lookadoo founded Yo! Yo! SEO based around the concept of Word-of-Mouth SEO to help businesses optimize their online presence to fully engage with their audiences. As an SEO Consultant and Online Marketing Trainer, she believes:

It is our job to help clients fully engage with their audience while optimizing their online visibility.

Dana began optimizing websites for search engines in 1999 and has been focused on SEO as a marketing channel since 2003. Her approach to search engine optimization is on semantic engagement – the use of words, content and design geared to engage one’s audience.

She specializes in site redesign, information architecture, and content planning. Dana’s site audits and strategies focus on tactical steps and data to optimize one’s website, content, and search marketing processes. Her experience is that success and profits result from goal setting and planning first, then followed by tactics. Her motto is:

Measure twice. Cut once.

Professional Vitae

Download Dana Lookadoo's Vitae (283K PDF) Dana began a career in computing and training in 1984 and in Website Development and Online Marketing in 1996. She co-founded and managed two Web development firms and an SEO agency prior to rebranding from Pixel Position. She taught Web Design at Cal State Monterey Bay and has conducted numerous corporate and technical training classes. Clientele has include Fortune 500 clients as well as small-to-medium-sized businesses.

She earned a B.S. in Telecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing with a minor in Instructional Technology (magna cume laude) and an A.A. in Business Administration. She studied Virtual Reality Modeling Language at Naval Postgraduate School with a focus on the impact of 3D and instructional design theory.

Dana Lookadoo’s professional passions focus around multiple aspects of online marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Information Architecture & Planning
  • Website Usability & Conversion
  • Link Building & Relationship Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Training & Curriculum Development

Dana is a conference speaker, a guest writer for a number of search marketing blogs, and is active in the search industry.

Download Dana Lookadoo’s Vitae (283K PDF).

Dana’s Online Life

The following is a snippet of where you can connect with Dana online:

  • Personal Blog: DanaLookadoo.com“Find something you love. Optimize it.”
  • Twitter: @lookadoo – Mostly share about search mixed with a little cycling and life passion tweets
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/lookadoo – The professional networking side
  • Google: Dana Lookadoo on Google+ – Sharing +1s with SEO & Social circles.
  • Facebook: I’m going more “private” on Facebook, if that’s possible. Stay tuned for a Yo! Yo! SEO fan page in 2012.
  • Stumbleupon: PixelBella – Stumbles and finds around the Internet.

And last but not least …

Addicted to Cycling

Dana will proudly confess that she’s addicting to cycling. When she’s not optimizing, Dana’s riding one of her road or mountain bikes.

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