About Yo! Yo! SEO

Yo! Yo! SEO is an SEO consulting agency that helps businesses understand and strategically optimize their online marketing strategies with a focus on search engine optimization and audience engagement. Online visibility revolves around semantics, words people use to express their needs – how they talk and share.

Team Yo! Yo! SEO was founded by Dana Lookadoo and includes other search marketing experts as needed based on client needs. Dana works closely with select clients to help them plan and develop their search engagement efforts. She and the team help train corporate marketing teams and copywriters how to integrate SEO and social media as a basis of their product planning and publishing processes. In other words …

You’re NOT OYour Own” in SEO!

Unless you live, breath, think and sleep search engine optimization, understanding the morass of strategies and tactics required can be overwhelming. You don’t have to be “on your own” wading through the true, false and overwhelming amount of information about SEO. Yo! Yo! SEO’s goal is to educate and help companies understand and embrace search and social media as a mindset – a company culture. The process always begins with a strategic SEO audit to understand a site’s optimization need and competitive landscape.

Breaking down “Yo! Yo! SEO”

Yo! Listen up … Yo! Shout it out …

Listen - Join Conversations

Yo! — Listen
Listen to what people are saying, questions they ask, and how your competition is engaging.

Engage - Word-of-Mouth

Yo! — Engage
Engage your audience on-site and off-site. Join online conversations.

Optimize - Information Architecture

SEO — Optimize
Optimize and organize your website to meet your audience’s needs, creating content people want to share, talk about, and link to.

Can you shout out a Yo!?

Word-of-Mouth SEO

The Yo! Yo! SEO process is “Word-of-Mouth SEO.” In other words …

Optimize your online conversation.

Word-of-Mouth SEO is a strategic process in which content is developed to be semantically-rich for search engines but primarily created to meet the needs of one’s audience. Focusing on your audience’s psychological intent:

  • Improves your online visibility;
  • Builds links;
  • Turns customers into friends and loyal fans along the way.

Optimizing your online conversation becomes part of your culture. It affects how you think as a company, how you develop marketing materials for online and offline promotion, how you name your products and services. What you do offline often ends up online, for example:

  • Print brochures become PDFs.
  • Handouts at a conference may be used as a summary for a news article or blog post.
  • What you say to customers may get repeated on Yelp or FaceBook.

Optimized content includes ALL digital media assets shared on one’s website as well as content published off-site throughout the Web.

Word-of-Mouth SEO is part of an integrated approach to online marketing. You must be part of the conversation on and off your website. Learn more about Yo! Yo! SEO’s strategic SEO audits, consulting, and training services.

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