Yo! Yo! SEO

Yo! Yo! SEO” is a play on words for the integration of search engine optimization and audience engagement, shouting out a Yo! via social media.  It’s Word-of-Mouth SEO!

Online conversations and optimizing all content assets must be part of an organization’s marketing culture. Keys to online visibility include:

  • A website with an optimal information architecture and engaging user experience;
  • Quality content targeted to meeting audience needs, answering their questions.

People are talking. Businesses must engage audiences where they hang out online. Your digital content and conversations must shout out a “Yo!

Breaking Down “Yo! Yo! SEO”

Yo! Listen up. Yo! Shout it out. Let’s break it down …

Listen - Join Conversations

Yo! — Listen
Listen to what people are saying, the questions they ask, and how your competition is engaging.

Engage - Word-of-Mouth

Yo! — Engage
Engage your audience on and off your site. Join conversations in social media.

Optimize - Information Architecture

SEO — Optimize
Optimize and organize your website to meet your audience’s needs, creating content people want to share, talk about, and link to.

Yo! Yo! SEOCan you feel the beat?

Word-of-Mouth SEO

Let’s break down the “Yo! Yo! SEO” tagline:

Word-of-Mouth SEO – Optimize your online conversation

Word-of-mouth marketing is on the lips of companies and marketers right now. It represents a paradigm shift from push marketing to peer review and influence. Studies show that approximately:

  • 70% of people trust opinions of friends when making buying decisions;
  • 40% trust the opinions of someone trustworthy whom they don’t personally know.

Word-of-Mouth SEO is about creating quality optimized content people want to share online, talk about and link to. What makes you “talkable” and “linkable?” You need to act and write by standing out from the crowd.

“If you want to be remembered after you die, write something worthy of remembering or do something worthy of writing about.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Word-of-Mouth SEO focuses on search engine optimization and audience engagement. Do it right, and people will remember you. Your words may outlive you at the top of the search engine results (SERPs). It must be part of your company culture!

Yo! Learn more about Word-of-Mouth SEO.

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