Mozinar Slides – Stress-free Website Redesign for Search and Social

by Dana Lookadoo on September 21, 2013

Dana Lookadoo’s Mozinar on website redesign addressed best practices for SEO and social media. Yes, it can be stress-free! The Mozinar slides are now online. (See below.) You can learn how to enter the world of “dot calm” by following a 5-step process that can result in little or no loss in rankings and traffic and more audience engagement!

5 Steps to Dot Calm - Website Redesign Process 5 Steps to Dot Calm – Website Redesign Process

Learn what critical steps to follow and tools to use before, during, and after your site migration.

  • What to expect with a site redesign
  • Goal setting and data collection
  • Auditing the current site
  • Personas and surveying your audience
  • Keyword strategy, information architecture, content, and design
  • SEO-friendly CMS and WordPress plugins
  • Quality assurance, testing, and launch “gotchas”
  • Looking good in social
  • BONUS: Free Excel worksheets!

Mozinar Slides

View slides and notes from “Stress-free Website Redesign for Search and Social” below or over on SlideShare:


Mozinar Recording

There’s more! Watch and listen to the Stress-free Website Redesign for Search and Social Mozinar recording via our good friends at Moz.

Don’t you just love Roger Mozbot and crew?

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Bhavesh Desai December 11, 2013

Hi! Terrific video on website redesign. Free download spread sheet id iceings on cake.
Lot of work experience and insight emitting.
Really useful, thanks.


Bishal Biswas May 22, 2014

Hi Dana,

I believe you do have done a great contribution. It’s really essential having a goal in order to succeed. At the same time, keyword researching is important as because if you’r willing to rank higher without much hesitate or any issues, focusing on low-competitive keywords will be great. Other points that you have laid down i.e. Site Audit, Surveying audiences in order to know the desires that the audience is willing to get and achieve from your blog, Plugins, Quality of contents, Social Signals, are meant to be really important.

Thanks, have a great weekend ahead.
- Bishal Biswas


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