Lyena Solomon – Web Optimization Analyst

Lyena Solomon joined Yo! Yo! SEO as the agency’s Web Optimization Analyst. That’s a wordy title that attempts to summarize her strategic role in SEO, PPC, analytics, usability and optimization with a focus on revenue.

When asked to summarize her approach to online marketing, Lyena states:

I define a website based on business objectives. I execute Internet marketing strategies based on analytics data and revenue potential.”


Lyena has a diverse background in Internet marketing strategy and Web development. She has worked with burgeoning start-ups, large development teams, and small local businesses.

Of particular interest are her unique language skills. Lyena is fluent in Russian, her native tongue. She migrated to the US to study and teach History.

She’s a code junkie, productivity geek, and rarely uses a mouse. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing and gadgets.

Yo! Yo! SEO looks forward to having Lyena share her insights, in English, about online marketing and optimization.

Professional Vitae

Lyena started her career as a webmaster in 1995, working on intranet sites for Motorola. As the Internet became more interesting, she moved to Web development and programming in Perl, ASP, PHP and several proprietary languages. She managed development teams and began expanding into SEO, analytics, search and usability.

In 2008, after leaving corporate world, Lyena started helping small and medium businesses on how to make more money with their websites. Her experience in online marketing, social media, analytics, and web development results in using diversified tactics to achieve each client’s desired outcome.

Lyena has Master’s Degrees from Vladimir Pedagogical University (Russia) and Illinois State University.

Lyena’s Online Life

You can connect and make friends with Lyena online:

  • Twitter@lyena – Connect and chat with Lyena on Twitter where she shares search marketing insights, business and productivity tips, and whatever else she finds about digital gadgets.
  • Google: Lyena Solomon on Google+ – Sharing +1s and making friends.
  • Business Blog: Read her thoughts on her NetSprinter blog, where she also offers consulting services for businesses.


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